Alone On The Water

I’m a lover of solitude and silence.  I find myself drawn to pockets of peace in an otherwise chaotic world and I enjoy being alone with my thoughts, watching the world pass by.  Sounds wash over me and get lost in the distance and all that remains is the beating of your own heart and the wandering of your own mind.  It is at that moment that the world slows down, the colors become more vivid and the smells more intense.  All of creation unfolds before you and you can only stand in awe as your senses become lost in the beauty.  And then it ends.  It has to end.  Just as a star cannot shine without the darkness, the sound of silence can only be appreciated amid the noise.  But for that brief moment when the chaos is overtaken by the peace, the world is truly yours to enjoy.

Such were my feelings the evening of this shot.  I ventured down to Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake in hopes of capturing a brilliant sunset.  Little did I know I was stumbling on to a madhouse.  A mini-marathon was being run around the lake that evening and so thousands of runners crowded along side the usual walkers and bicyclist that normally populate the trails.  Just getting down to the water’s edge meant crossing a highway of fast-paced humanity.  There was no silence as multiple stages around the lake blasted music and announcements that seemed to bounce around the lake.  But as I approached the shore I noticed a solitary rower gliding across the water and in that moment the chaos around gave way to the tranquility of the scene before me.  I imagined myself in that boat, hundreds of yards out on the water, staring into the setting sun and watching another day pass quietly away.  And there I enjoyed the stillness and solitude of the moment.



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