A Gritty Night

On occasion I have been walking around taking pictures of this or that and after snapping an image I look at the LCD screen and smile because I’m convinced the image I captured does a good job of conveying the reality of the moment.  But on even rarer occasions I leave with that impression only to get home, upload the images and see that the picture I took conveys something entirely different  Sometimes, something better.

This was just such an image.  As I looked it over on my computer I got the feeling of a cold, gritty city at night.  Like I would half expect to see detectives Benson and Stabler round the corner or a drug deal going down under a bridge.  I got the feeling that the imposing city was carrying on as usual, seemingly oblivious to the harsh streets running through it.

In reality, none of that is even close to true.  This was taken on a warm, pleasant Spring evening as I was walking away from an arts festival.  There were no drug deals or detectives, though there was a cop at the corner 7 Eleven who I’m pretty sure was munching on a donut.   There were families walking the streets that night, dogs on leashes, yuppies at the train station and anything but a harsh, gritty night on the street.  Still, I think the story the image told on my computer is a little more interesting than the one I though I had captured.



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