(Little) Lady In Red

I was blessed to have some great friends growing up and I am fortunate to still call many friends to this day even though the time and distance of the real world has come between many of us.  It was a particular pleasure when two of those friends married each other some years ago and as married people often do, their two became three.  Even though they live close by, too much time passes between our visits.  So when I was asked to take a few pre-birthday pictures of the soon-to be two-year old, I jumped at the chance.  Aside from the fact that I have never really photographed people and wanted that experience, it gave me the chance to see two friends I see far too little.

Did I mention I have never really taken pictures of people before?  And it turns out, a two-year old is s special kind of person because they have a tendency to do what they want.  So the ideas I had to hopefully duplicate some more professional portraits I had seen were quickly scuttled in favor of whatever I could get.  Most of what I did get was spontaneous but perhaps it was better that way.  She wont be two very long and I feel like I captured a very small sliver of a personality that is quickly growing and evolving.  A big thanks to my dear friends Jimmy and Abigail for allowing me to hang out with them and Hannah.




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