Texas Bluebonnets

So many times in life the destination is not the true prize, but rather the journey to get there.  And then there are other times when the journey sucks but the destination makes it all worthwhile.  My journey to photograph bluebonnets this past Spring was the latter.

I love these little flowers.  If you’ve spent any amount of time in Texas, you know they are borderline sacred (we were actually taught as kids that it was illegal to pick them) and during the Spring after the first rains they pop up EVERYWHERE.  Such was the case this year and I was determined to get a few shots of these little guys.  They’re everywhere after all so it should not have been too difficult.  The problem was that where they were, were places I didn’t want to photograph.  Namely in my little corner of the world, they covered the grassy embankments along I-635 in Northeast Dallas.  That makes for a lovely site when stuck in traffic, but the problem was shooting flowers on the side of a very busy highway and trying to frame a shot that didn’t have an office tower, Taco Bell or traffic jam in the background.

My troubles were compounded by bad weather.  Unusually cold weather later in the year than we’re accustomed to and lots of really cloudy skies all the time.  Success ultimately came on what started out as a stormy Spring morning, I was over in the far Eastern portion of the Metroplex when the skies began to open and I decided to try my luck at an old park in the small suburb of Sunnyvale.  It’s a park on the old Samuell Farm which is a heckuva story in and of itself (another time perhaps), but as I pulled up and walked among the tall trees, field after field of wild bluebonnets opened up before me.  I was so giddy I smiled like an idiot the whole time.  The good Lord granted me about half an hour of great skies before the rains returned, but I left happy, ready to do it again next Spring.




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