A Beautiful July Day

“Beautiful”, “July” and “Dallas” are three words that don’t often find themselves sharing the same sentence.  July afternoons around here are usually spent indoors, in a pool or running from shade to shade but every now and then mother nature forgets which month it is and just throws something pleasantly random at us.

We had a pleasant couple-day run of temps in the 80s a few days ago and I took advantage of the nice weather to do a little exploring along the Trinity River.  This was my first stop, the Hampton/Inwood Bridge.  It was a nice little hike to get to this point as I had to park a few blocks away but it was a very pleasant hike.  In fact. on a light post in the middle of the bridge is a thermometer and on that day it read a hair under 90 degrees.  Not bad for early July standing in the middle of a 6 lane wide, half-plus mile long concrete bridge in Dallas.  I’ll take some more of that, thank you very much.



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