Swan Boats Are Stupid

I spent about half an hour one evening watching the swan boats at Fair Park.  I guess I was trying to figure out the appeal of getting in a boat shaped like a giant bird and peddling around a pond for a while.  I never got the appeal but the setting sun afforded me some decent opportunities to snap a few pics of these giant jackasses of the water.

The best part of the evening though was as I walked away, I noticed along the shore away from the crowds was a flock of birds.  They may have been swans but they looked like ducks or something.  Regardless, these birds were looking out over the pond and by the looks on their faces they were collectively thinking to themselves “WTF?”.  I say that because it was the same look I had on my face 30 minutes earlier.  If you like swan boats, more power to you.  For me, wake me when I can water ski behind one of those things I will give it a shot.



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