Here Comes Matilda

I’m kind of a fan of old street cars.  I don’t know why since I grew up in the 80s long, long after the streetcars in America all but died.  Maybe it has something to do with fond memories of the little trolley from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  I don’t know, but I like them.

Dallas has a vintage streetcar system that connects the Uptown and Downtown areas known as the M-Line, part of the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority.  Cars have been collected from various dismantled streetcar systems around the country are brought here, restored and then put into service.  I love riding on these things and I love the old names they are given… Rosie, Petunia and this is Matilda pushing throw the West Village in Uptown.  The old steel wheels on steel tracks makes that great “clip-ity clop” sound that seems to harken back to a decade I wasn’t even alive for.

The future is bright for these ladies.  The M-Line is being extended further downtown into the Arts District, new vintage cars are being restored and there is even some talk of one day running modern trolleys on these tracks along with the old girls.  This is in addition to a brand new, completely modern streetcar line under construction from downtown into Oak Cliff.  I’m excited for what lies ahead but I will always love the throwback feeling that comes from riding around in one of these old wooden creatures.



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